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We have the technology and professional staff, to provide a safety, professional service for you. In recent years, repair inspection business is increasing year by year, we have undertaken the inspections of equipment maintenance, fire fighting,life saving and hull thickness detecting for many ships,through the unremitting efforts from all staff,we have won high recognition from our clients.Scope of business:
1.Ship fire detection、repair and maintenance of instruments with fixed CO2、1211、1301, dry powder and foam etc;
2.Fixed fire extinguishing system, blowing and release, detect alarm system;
3.Ship fire detection、repair and maintenance of instruments with moving CO2、1211、1301, dry powder and foam etc
4.Liferaft cylinder hydraulic pressure test and refill;
5.Air bottle and emergency escape respirator bottle detection、maintenance、refill;
6.Quality control analysis of air compressor and air respirator;
7.Fixed extinguishing system cylinders,all kinds of fire fighting water pressure test;
8.Combustible gas detection instrument repair and calibration;
9.Hull thickness;