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Ship repair is a main business of Jiatong, after years of development,Jiatong established a solid partnership with many shipping companies. In the long-term practice of ship repairing,Jiatong established stable relations and cooperation with equipment manufacturers from domestic and foreign companies,it have reliable procurement channels so that it can guarantee to provide high quality and low price products, complete the complex professional repair. Jiatong has first-class project management team,the project management engineer to participate in the entire process of repair, not only familiar with the production process and project management, but also has the advantage of language communication, familiar with the cultural differences between countries and the ways of thinking, good at solving professional problems, reduce conflict and misunderstanding with each other,toaccelerate the repair process and ensure the repair quality,finally help customers save cost of repairs.Our advantages: suitable price, priority use of production resources,professional project management and technical support, perfect supplier's network, reliable quality assurance.